Frequently asked questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed in this list or if you require more information please contact us.

Can I choose to live with my friends?

Addenbrooke's is a rapidly-growing campus. Due to high demand, rooms are offered on an individual basis and therefore we cannot guarantee you will share a flat with colleagues or people you know. All out flats are mixed sex accommodation.

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What do I need to confirm my accommodation?

In order to secure your accommodation, you must complete the required application form and obtain a signature or email confirmation from the relevant department. The Sanctuary Addenbrooke's office will also require you to provide your driving licence or passport as proof of ID.

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Do you offer parking spaces?

Sanctuary does not have any allocated parking for our accommodation. You can apply for staff parking (at a charge) through the Hospital Access Centre on: 01233 596060. Disabled parking spaces for blue badge holders are also available on application.

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How do I pay for my accommodation?

Initial payment of the first month's advance rent (plus deposit where applicable) will be by credit / debit card. All subsequent rental payments will be by direct debit, which the accommodation office can help you to set up.

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How do I report something that needs to be repaired in my flat?

We have a dedicated on-site team to assist you. To request a repair, please complete our online report a repair form, or you can report it in person at the Sanctuary Addenbrookes office in Grantchester House. If the repair is urgent, please call the office (during working hours) on: 01223 404800, or the emergency number (out of hours) on: 0800 9161525 or 0330 1233561 from a mobile.

Please note: if it is an emergency an a contractor is sent out of hours to fix the problem, you must be available to allow them access. If the contractor cannot gain access you will be charged £50+VAT for the call-out.

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What happens if I want to extend my contract?

Due to high demand for our accommodation, it is very unlikely that you will be able to extend your accommodation contract with us. However, you are welcome to contact us to discuss further and we will do our best to accommodate you for longer if possible.

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What do I do when I want to move out?

In order to terminate your agreement with us, you need to give 1 month's notice in writing. This can be a written request, or just an email to the accommodation office: Please remember to tell us:

Your name
Your current address (building, flat number and room number if applicable)
The date of your last night

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When can I expect my deposit back after I've moved out?

You should receive a cheque for the deposit amount (minus any deductions for damages, chargeable as per your agreement) within 10 working days. Please ensure that you provide us with your new address before you leave.

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